114 000 BCE Ice Age in
Finland begins

10 250 – 9300 BCE Withdrawing ice forms Salpausselkä Ridges, meltwaters start to filter through a granite

7500 BCE Ice Age is over in Finland

1990 Finland's first natural mineral water fountain is found

1996 First geological surveys of the mineral water

Vellamo Natural Mineral Water has been studied actively throughout the years due to its unique and fascinating attributes, being water from the Ice Age. The studies were conducted in 1996 (Geological Survey of Finland, Kankainen & Karhu), 2016 (Geological Survey of Finland, Hendriks son & Hyvönen), and 2017 (Geological Survey of Finland, Hendriksson & Hyvönen).

2017 Vellamo's launch in Singapore F1 Gp s VIP party

2018 Vellamo wins its first design award

2019 North America launch in Superbowl

2020 Vellamo Spring Water launch

Vellamo Natural Mineral Water and Vellamo Spring Water are a direct, pure, functional and refreshing link to the Ice Age.

A Unique Source

Finland is a land of water, forests and wilderness. Even the country has close to 200 000 lakes and innumerable rivers and springs, it has only one natural mineral water fountain which is the Vellamo fountain in the small village of Viikinäinen. The fountain was discovered as late as 1990 and the geological
survey showed something amazing: the water origins from melted Ice Age glaciers, from prehistoric time when the whole worlds population was less than that of modern-day New York. As it’s molecules have not been in contact with anything above the ground in thousands of years, the water has a safe bacterial colony count of 0.

A Thick Ridge Filters the Spring Water

At the same time as the Ice Age melting water was filtered through granite forming a perfect natural mineral water, the same glacial meltwaters transported, sorted and deposited the sand and gravel that formed the famous Salpausselkä Ridge the home of Vellamos spring water well. The Ridges thick and clean layers of sand and moraine gravel ensure exceptionally pure natural filtration system, the reason behind Vellamo Spring Water’s extremely fresh taste.