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I’m a unique natural mineral water

I’m a unique natural mineral water and the only Finnish natural mineral water from the last Ice Age, 10,000 years ago.

I’m completely pure and unique in taste, containing absolutely no environmental pollution.

VELLAMO is an everlasting, unique element of life.

It is difficult to imagine a more natural product than Vellamo. It is living water whose molecules have not been in contact with anything above ground in thousands of years. Vellamo comes from a time before pollution. Its natural minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium, help the body to maintain its fluid balance. Vellamo is pure and natural water without added minerals or sweeteners. It has a pH value of 8.3 and a safe bacterial colony count of 0.

Vellamo water has been actively studied over the years.

It has unique and fascinating attributes, being water from the Ice Age.

The studies were conducted in 1996 (Geological Survey of Finland, Kankainen & Karhu), 2016 (Geological Survey of Finland, Hendriksson & Hyvönen), and 2017 (Geological Survey of Finland, Hendriksson & Hyvönen). All studies concluded, via different analytical methods, that Vellamo’s deep bore-well contains water that’s more than 10 000 years old, originating from the Ice Age.

“These types of groundwaters could not have been formed under the current warm climate conditions. It can be concluded that a significant amount of the analysed groundwater formed under cold climate conditions during the ice ages, at least 10,000 years ago. An exact upper limit for the age cannot be given, because cooler ice age periods have followed one another in Scandinavia at regular intervals for about two million years. “ Geological Survey of Finland, The Ministry of Employment and Economy of Finland, 1996.