My Story

This is how I was born.

From clouds to rain.

One day something changed in the atmosphere and I changed with it.

So here I am when I was just a kid.


One thing leads to another, and then the Ice Age happened. I’m partly guilty.

Sorry about that.

There I was, as a cold blanket of ice covering the Northern Hemisphere. I think it was roughly 100 000 years ago. At that time, my life contained very little movement, but more crushing and cracking. And a little bit of blue, white and dark.

Oh, and Northern Lights. Beautiful!

Oh, man.
Those guys were thirsty.

Then something changed again and the Sun warmed me, and I could run free again.

What a rollercoaster through those kilometers of thick Ice, to the ground, penetrating into that Nordic soil that we slowly created during the Ice Age.

Eventually I ended up in a 32 kilometers long canyon. Over several thousands of years I filled that canyon together with a mix of mineral rock.

The massive weight of a glacier formed an impenetrable layer of rock over my new home, sealing it off from the atmosphere. I loved it.

Perfectly safe and lying there peacefully in the dark, listening to my mother nature telling me stories of what was happening around the planet.


Nice girl, met her once.

However, I was born way before pollutions, back then when this planet was still pure. This long time floating through this grainy Nordic soil for thousands of years distilled me to near perfection.

How was I discovered? Like all great inventions and discoveries – by accident.

A Finnish family was drilling a well, and by accident, they drilled straight into my home.

That’s how.

Nurtured by Nordic nature for 10,000 years.